Curved Treadmills | AshwaX Series

Experience the freedom of a self-powered run and go green with Ashwa Series Curved Treadmills!

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Curved Treadmill AshwaX7

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Curved Treadmill AshwaX11

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Let your feet dictate the pace instead of an electric motor.

A curved treadmill is entirely manual and runs as you move your feet, giving an outdoor feel. It lets you define your progression instead of pre-defined speeds like in regular motorised treadmills.

These are sought after by professionals who eye to train with a natural simulation of outdoor training in an indoor environment.  The curve helps get that feel and aids high-intensity training, unlike a motorised treadmill which is entirely flat. It utilizes no electricity to power up, and starts as you walk over going up to as fast as you can run.

As you walk or run, The curved deck and elastomer slats provide a joint-friendly experience, absorbing impact and reducing stress on joints.  With multi-grip handles, an intuitive display, and integrated wheels for portability, these treadmills are the ultimate sports performance tool.