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Gorilla Half Rack


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Gorilla Squat Stand 2.0 N


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Gorilla Wall Mount Squat Rack


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Gorilla Independent Squat Stand


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Eco Squat Stand 2.0


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Gorilla Racks

Not-Just-Rack, It is a Training Arsenal! 

Build to Last Racks! 

Commercial Grade Racks drop tested with weights heavier than most human could ever squat. All Thick Steel, Precise Laser-cut processing and enginnering!

All your needs in a Compact Space!        

The uprights and crossmembers feature lasercut holes all around so that you can use the rack accessories where you want it. The ability to adapt with attachments makes it a space saving centerpiece of your training facility.

No More Jumping!      

The squat area where the 2″ spacing is provided allows you to choose the best suitable height to squat without the need of jumping to rack the bar. The bench & clean pull zone area – holes are spaced with 1”  which allows finding the optimal spot for your safety attachments, which enhances your benching comfort by maximising choice for height adjustability.

A Growing Gorilla, only You can stop!

Do you remember the LEGO Block Toys?   

The Gorilla Racks are modular like that, many parts are commanly shared between the rack models. So it is build to upgrade as you grow!

For Example:

1) You can have a 4 Post Power Rack now, and get 6 post extension kit later   

2) You can have a Squat stand now, and get a half rack extension kit later

And of course, attachments can be added as you need it.

Beauty and the Beast!

Gorilla Adorned with 16mm Black zinc hardware which look beautiful yet strong.  The beefy all side UHMW protection of attachments keeps your barbell, and rack finish intact. The Racks are finished with a 7-tank powder coating process for durability & protection against wear. The 32mm classic straight Pull-up bar feels strong for performing pull-ups and muscle-ups.