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BullrocK Hunky Falcon Series Strength Stations

Experience Strength with BullrocK Hunky Falcon Series Strength Stations which are functionally designed and mechanically engineered for passionate lifters to last long with heavy usage.

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Bulgarian Split Squat Stand

20,990 18% Ex GST Price: 17,788

In stock

GHD (Glute Ham Developer)

49,902 18% Ex GST Price: 42,290

In stock

Reverse Hyper Machine

56,290 18% Ex GST Price: 47,703

In stock

Power Sled

14,990 18% Ex GST Price: 12,703

In stock

Functional Trainer HF-01

148,739 18% Ex GST Price: 126,050

In stock

Iso Lat PullDown HF-02

94,400 18% Ex GST Price: 80,000

Lead time 5 weeks

Leg Curl Extension Combo HF-03

93,987 18% Ex GST Price: 79,650

In stock

The HF Series Key Features


The station features pulleys machined from solid nylon which help reduce friction and prolong the life of the cable. The the bearings used inside the pulleys are automobile grade FAG bearings, which in turn gives a smooth rotating experience with no jerky movements, even after extended periods of use. The Cable used has a 4mm diameter, as thinner the cable, the smoothness adds on.

Weight Stack

The 90 kg CNC machined weight stack is precisely calibrated, starting from 5kg to 90kg with an increment of 5kg. The top plate of the weight stack features linear bearing which enables an effortless swift movement of the weights via the guide rod. The 20mm guide rod has a hardened hard chrome shaft.

To take care of the smashing weights, a notable feature is the two 100mm solid rubber bases on which the weight stacks are mounted. They absorb the shock better, unlike the bush used in traditional machines, so that you can let go the weights easily.

Easy to use with a pin lock mechanism, the selector pin simply gets inserted to the weight you pick. (The weight stack is customisable upto 130kg)

Put together with High Grade materials and meticulous considerations for users and their lifting space, these stations give a largely powerful yet smooth feel. They stand extremely stable with all provisions taken care of for heavy usages.

All the station frames are constructed in heavy duty CR Steel, feature a CNC machined weight stack and High Strength Cables gliding over Nylon Machined Pulleys.