0.5kg Fractional Plates Extension kit

ETA 17-04-2021


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These T-ReX 0.5kg Fractional Plates are designed to make your dumbbell more precise to adjust & takes you towards the consistent progression of your strength.

These Fractional plates make your dumbbell with a minimal 1kg increment which means, it has a scope of multiple combinations of adjustments within your same T-rex Adjustable Dumbbell by simply adding these fractional Plates set.

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  • Steel Construction: Likewise, other T-Rex Weight Plates these Fractional Plates are also constructed with fully Machined Steel, hence no worry for degrading & breaking like any rubber or Plastic Plates.


  • Surface Finish: These Fractional Plates comes with 7 tank Resin textured powder coat that provides a better grip & reduces the chance of falling the plate.


  • Engraved Weight Markings: The weight plates are featured with Laser Engraved weight markings, which means even after years of usage, the weight marking will maintain its functionality of easy weight identification.


  • Possible Weight Settings: Previously, the T-Rex Elite 100 Dumbbell Kit has a maximum of 23 possible settings with 21 Weight Adjustments, but now by adding these fractional plates set to your T-Rex kit, the adjustments are doubled, i.e., 46 possible settings with 42 Weight Adjustments.


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