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Why these Plates?

BullrocK Bumper plates are durable, aesthetically pleasing, and they come with an honest price tag. High-quality natural rubber results in a low bounce. These high-grade bumpers are an IWF standard 450mm in diameter, 50.40mm collar opening and steel ring insert keep the plates firmly in place even during intense, high-rep training.
The color coding of the Bumper Plates makes them easy to identify at a glance, helping athletes, trainers, and coaches run more efficient workouts.

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  • Color Coding:
Color Weight (kg) Thickness Shore Durometer
Red 25 88mm 88
Blue 20 72mm 88
Yellow 15 60mm 88
Green 10 41mm 90
Gray 5 24mm 92
  • Built to drop:

When lifting your 1RM for snatch or clean and jerk, the last thing that should be on your mind is, “Can I drop this if I need to bail?!”. These bumper plates are built to withstand drops – even from overhead – so you can prioritize your safety while challenging PRs. They are durable and dependable, and they save your platform, floors/mats, and bars from damage, too! their expert design means you can drop them when necessary without worrying about damaging yourself or your gear.

  • Low bounce & efficient:

Our bumper plates boast an ideal durometer hardness rating. They are designed to bounce less when dropped, which means a lesser force is exerted on the barbell, which means the center ring is saved from impact and damage. Plus, less bounce means more predictable bar travel when dropped, less time chasing your bar around the gym, which allows you to workout safely in small spaces or with others.

  • Finish & Lettering:

The plates have been given a premium gloss-matte-gloss finish and printed lettering for a clean look. The white-on-color design looks sharp, and the large white numbers are highly visible even from a distance. These plates are a must have for any workout that uses Olympic lifts, as well as premium home gyms, CrossFit boxes, and commercial gyms.

  • Raised Flanges:

A raised rubber surface is built to prevent direct contact between the lettering and center rings. Whether stacked on the bar or on a rack, the bumpers only come into contact with each other on the inner and outer flanges—reducing scuffing and helping to preserve the plates’ finish and lettering.

  • Packaging:

Plates are wrapped with foam sleeves and then placed in a carton. We provide door delivery anywhere in India, with transport insurance.

  • Warranty Information:

BullrocK Bumpers are covered by a 12-month limited manufacturer’s warranty from date of purchase against manufacturing defects. This warranty does not include wear and tear.

  • Plate Specifications:
Diameter 450mm
Collar Opening 50.4mm
Insert Type Stainless Steel Ring
Shore A Durometer 88
Weight Tolerance 2%

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weight lifting plates
weight lifting plates
weight lifting plates
BullrocK Weighlifting Color Rubber Bumper Plates
weight lifting plates
weight lifting plates
weight lifting plates
weight lifting plates
weight lifting plates
weight lifting plates
weight lifting plates
weight lifting plates
weight lifting plates

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