Competition Rubber Bumper Plates

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Why to use Competition Bumper Plates?

If you’re a passionate strength athlete & looking for the bumper plates with weight Calibration & Thinner Plate profile for practicing in Competition Environment; Well, BullrocK’s Competition Bumper Plates will be the right in choice for your arsenal. The Material composition of these Competition Bumper Plates makes this gear more aesthetic pleasing & durable which contains scratch resistant Super Rubber & Rust resistant Chrome Plated Steel Disc Insert with stainless steel bolts for securing the rubber.

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  • Bounce Deadening & Efficient: These Competition Bumper Plates are made with Shore A Durometer rating of 94 which delivers a consistent deadening of a bounce even on heavy high drops, which also results in a lesser force exerted on the barbell. The less bounce meaning barbell, collar & the center disc are less prone to heavy impacts which increases the life of your equipment. Also, the less bounce assures you the more predictable bar travel when the weight dropped, which makes you practice safely even in a small place like a home gym.


  • Secrete Supper Rubber: The typical factor that sets our Competition Bumper Plates apart from crowd is our Secrete Material Composition of Rubber. It is made to provides the excellent properties like deadening of bounce, elegant finish look & extreme durability with consistency in maintaining quality of manufacturing.


  • Weight Calibration & Steel Disc Insert: One of the distinctive factors which separates these Competition Bumper Plates from Standard Bumper Plates is the weight accuracy & consistency. These plates are made to be accurate within the IWF rules, i.e., +0.1% and -0.05%, meaning a 20kg plate only has a 20gm margin error which makes you assured about what exact weight you are lifting. These Competition Bumper Plates comes with a chrome-plated steel disc insert which consists of two sections that are bolted together with stainless steel bolts for securing the rubber from impacts, and also these steel discs are meant to concentrate the weight by which the thickness of the plates reduces.


  • Thinner Profile: One of the most important factors for which the weightlifting athletes are attracted towards Competition Bumper Plates over Standard Bumper Plates is due to increased weight loading capacity. Generally, the Standard Bumper Plates can at most be loaded with 200kg Plates on a Standard Olympic Bar elsewhere Competition Bumper Plates can be loaded with 280kg due to its thin-plate profile, meaning your progression won’t stop at certain kgs. Also, with these Competition Bumper Plates, you can practice your powerlifting workouts without investing in addition Plates until your strength goes beyond 300kg 1RM.


  • Thicker Raised Flanges: The Thicker Raised flanges are built to prevent direct contact between the lettering and center disc. Whether stacked on the bar or on a rack, the Plates only come into contact with each other on the inner and outer flanges – reducing scuffing and helping to preserve the plate’s finish and lettering. Also, these flanges are meant to ensure a secure grip for easy & safe handling during your workout sessions.


  • Finish & Lettering: These Bumper Plates comes with an improved gloss-matte-gloss finish which provides enhanced smooth yet clean look finish with easy to clean property. Also, the white-on-color lettering design looks sharp and highly visible even from a distance. These plates are a must-have for any workout that uses Olympic lifts, as well as premium home gyms, CrossFit boxes, and commercial gyms.


  • Gear Specification:
    Material Super Rubber | Steel | Stainless-Steel
    Shore A Durometer Rating 94
    Weight Tolerance +0.1% and -0.05%
    Steel Disc Insert Coating Chrome Plating
    Finish Gloss-matte-Gloss
    Plate Diameter 450mm
    Collar Opening 50.4mm
    Warranty 3 Year
  • Color Coding:
    Color Weight(KG) Thickness
    Red 25 66mm
    Blue 20 53mm
    Yellow 15 42mm
    Green  10 33mm


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