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The BullrocK Eco Squat Stand has been developed by understanding the demand of the fitness enthusiasts who are tight on budget & looking for a capable squat stand.

This Eco Squat stand offers a 72″ Tall Squat stand with a 47″x47″ footprint that is well suited with your lower ceiling heights of Home or commercial gyms. The 72″ Design & the base 60×40(mm) 10-gauge Heavy Steel with reinforced triangle plates support makes a stand sturdy & stable; also, it has been tested for 250 kg weight capacity.

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Strong Construction: It is built with a combination of 60×60(mm) 11-gauge steel for Uprights & 60×40(mm) 10-gauge steel for the base construction, which makes a stand sturdier strong & reliable to withstand. While, the reinforced triangle plates are used to attach the uprights to the base for the addition of its stability, making for a much more stable unit.

Hole Pattern: The throughout Uprights features 2″ Precision Laser-cut Holes.

Regular J-Cups: These Regular J-Cups are specifically designed for eco-stand made up of 8mm thick steel with 5mm thick UHMW plastic liner that protects your bar’s Knurl & finish.

Budgetary: This Eco squat stand costs almost 60% less than the Gorilla Squat Stand 2.0, making it a budget-friendly alternative to fulfil the need for a squat stand.


See other variations: Gorilla Power Rack 2.0, Gorilla Squat Stand 2.0


  • Gear Specifications:
Material 60×60(mm) 11-gauge Steel Uprights |60×40(mm) 10-gauge Steel Base tube | UHMW Plastic
Dimensions Length – 47”, Width – 47”, Height – 72”
Footprint 47″ x 47″
Max Load Capacity 250kg
Finish (Coating) 7-Tank Black Powder Coated
Product Weight 45kg
Hole Pattern 2″ throughout
Fasteners 4 M12x80 & 8 M12x90 (MS Plated)
Warranty 2-year Structural Warranty
Make Made in India


Included Components: 2 Uprights of 72” tall, 3 Cross-Members, 2 Regular J-Cups, 4 Reinforced Triangular Plates, 2 Spanners (19mm) & 12 M12x90mm Bolts.


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