Gorilla Power Rack (ETA 15-11-2020)


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Why this Power Rack?

If you are a serious lifter with “Buy nice or buy twice” kind of attitude, then this is the gear you need, whether for a Home/Garage Gym or a Commercial strength facility. BullrocK’s GORILLA POWER RACK is 450 kg rated commercial-grade 4 post rack. The integrity of laser-cut holes and westside spacing allows you to do the smallest possible adjustment of safety pins/pipes and J-cups for the clean pull and bench area. Imagine you are trying out your 1RM and you don’t have a spotter to look after if you fail; Gorilla rack can help you do that with legitimate safety. The purpose of many holes on the rack is to be able to upgrade this one equipment for multiple exercises, with the use of easy to put on and off attachments such as parallel bar dip, lat/low row, safety straps, multi-grip pull-up bars, plate storage, and a lot more. Making it the only power rack system you’ll ever need.

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