The Hex Trap Bar (ETA 10-12-2020)


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Why this Bar?

This Hex Trap Bar is an ideal specialized barbell for deadlifts, shrugs, farmers walk, squats, and a wide variety of other exercises. It allows you to intensify your upper back workouts & get the range of movement you need for full extension. No matters that you are a beginner or a powerlifting professional since it is much easier to learn with this bar compared with traditional standard bars. This bar comes with a 25mm neutral grip that makes deadlifting comfortable and easy-to-achieve neutral back position. This bar allows increased loading for deadlifts, especially for those people with mobility that might make straight-bar deadlifts a challenge.

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  • Standard Knurling and Markings:

The 1.2 mm diamond knurl, a standard knurl allows for easy, comfortable grip & also this Bar comes with a Dual-handle design for versatility.

  • Superior Strength and Finish:

Chrome coated bar, The bar is 23.5KG, 56 inches long, & comes with 25mm shaft diameter, made of high-grade alloy steel, with Dual Handle and a max load of 750lbs.

  • Neutral Handle:

This hex bar lets you grab it with a neutral grip, your palms facing your torso which allows a more comfortable braced position through the Scapulohumeral region (your upper arm and shoulder area), and this very quietly reduces some stress on your mid and upper back. You don’t need to brace quite as hard with your body (even though you’ll still get plenty of work here).

  • Packaging:

We provide door delivery anywhere in India, with transport insurance.

  • Warranty Information:

We are confident about our products, hence THE HEX TRAP BAR comes with 12 months warranty against manufacturing defects. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

  • Bar Specifications:
Bar Type Men’s Barbell
Bar Weight 23.5kg
Shaft Diameter 25mm
Knurl N/A
Knurl Type N/A
Center Knurl N/A
Whip N/A
Bar Length 56 inch
Loadable Sleeve Length 345.5mm
Shaft Coating Chrome
Sleeve Coating Chrome
Bushing/Bearing N/A
Tensile Strength N/A
Max load 750lbs/340kg

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