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Why this NVR (Noise and Vibration Reduction) Platform?


The BullrocK NVR Platform is been engineered to combat the loud and disruptive experience made by general platforms. With exclusive customization of materials, we have succeeded to build a platform that minimizes the challenges posed by noise and vibration from dropped barbells and heavy lifts.

This NVR platform is built to facilitate the gym owners to handle the incorporate lifting and performance training in an inviting way while it finishes up the banging disturbance made by members to their neighbours.

The best thing about the NVR Platform is, along with noise reduction & vibration dampening it keeps the bounce of bar at minimal really, it is a complex problem to strike a perfect balance between these 3 aspects hence the NVR distinguishes itself from other solutions.

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A) Stand Zone: The center deck is durably constructed with 3 layered waterproof Birchwood which makes a sturdy base while the inlaid protective rubber strip between the lifting and drop zone ensures the deck will remain to look its best and protects bumpers & Plates from damage if they accidentally hit the edge between the lifting and drop zone. The polyurethane coat over the surface of the deck enhances the visual appeal & life of the deck.

B) Drop Zone:

  1. Custom-Built Bonded Foam: With a lot of material manipulation trials & complex engineering, we finally came up with this super shock absorbing high density bonded foam. It has outstanding properties for bearing heavy impacts & reducing Noise by producing a minimal rebounding force.
  2. Transition layer Foam: The transition layer foam is built with a heavy-duty polymer that provides higher tensile and tear strengths, making to withstand the drops & heavy lifts. It is consisting of fine cellular structures that feature the ability to stretch & absorbs the drop while regains its shape, which simply means dampens the noise & absorbs the Shock.
  3. Virgin Rubber Mat: The Virgin Rubber Mat is manufactured with Natural Rubber & consists of shock & vibration absorbing properties while causing least or no wear and tear on your equipment. It features the minimal rebounding ability for drops/ bangs during your lifts diminishes the risk of accidents & also dampens the sound when dropping a fully loaded barbell. With the virgin rubber, there is no unpleasant tire like smell that is frequently associated with low-grade recycled rubber floors.

C) Steel Frame: This enduring frame is built with 2″x4″ 11-gauge heavy-duty steel & because of its all steel construction, it will keep all the material intact and make the platform perform as a single unit. Additionally, it is powder-coated in black for greater durability. Setting up this frame is easy, because of its bolt-together design gusseted corners.

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  • Gear Specifications:
Material  Virgin Rubber| Steel| Custom-built Foam
Product Weight 175kg
Foot Print 2490 x 1905mm
Lifting Area 2385 x 1800mm
Thickness/Height 100mm
Frame Finish Black Structured Matt Powder Coating
Make Made in India


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