The Deadlift Bar

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Why this Bar?

For the deadlift yearning athletes who prefer some serious whip (flex) along with convenient grip (27mm shaft diameter), and aggressive knurl to boost their limiting 1RMs. Here is a bar specializing in whip achieved by keeping 27mm shaft diameter, excess length i.e. 2300mm, and keeping the sleeves slightly apart compared to standard Olympic bar. The whip which allows you to pull more from a higher point before the plates break off the floor, potentially increasing the amount of weight that can be lifted in the process. Not to mention, believe us, reducing 2mm diameter (almost 6mm circumference) makes an incredible difference in your grip which directly spikes your overall performance. This specialized Bar is an incredible deal for the Deadlift diehards & Serious lifting facilities.

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  • Standard Knurling and Markings:

This Bar comes with a modern 1.5mm aggressive Volcano knurl, which that has more points per square inch which increases the surface area for friction & digs extremely well but doesn’t rip the palm skin. The Bar has an IPF-4 knurl mark, with no center knurl.

  • Superior Strength and Finish:

While trying to serve greater experience to our lifter passion, this deadlift bar comes with black phosphate coating on the shaft which assures you to make your grip feel stronger than ever experienced on chrome grip & hard chrome on the sleeve protects from oxidation’s wear. The bar is 20KG, 2300mm long made of high-grade spring steel and snap ring construction, giving it a 190K PSI tensile strength rating and a max load of 1500lbs.

  • High quality Bearings and Bushings:

The Deadlift bar is provided with high-quality Self-lubricating bronze bushings to give an adequate, reliable safe spin that is required for an ideal deadlift exercise.

  • Packaging:

We provide door delivery anywhere in India, with transport insurance.

  • Lifetime Warranty:

We are confident about our products, hence offer a long warranty period. THE DEADLIFT BAR comes with 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects and lifetime warranty against bending. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

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Product Care & Maintenance Guide

  • Bar Specifications:
Bar Type Men’s Barbell
Bar Weight 20kg
Shaft Diameter 27mm
Knurl 1.5mm
Knurl Type IPF-4
Center Knurl No
Whip Great
Bar Length 2300mm
Loadable Sleeve Length 394mm
Shaft Coating Phosphate
Sleeve Coating Hard Chrome
Bushing/Bearing 4 Bronze Bushings
Tensile Strength 190,000 PSI
Max load 1500lbs / 680kg

Additional information

Bar Category

Bar Use

Bar Weight

Shaft Diameter

Knurl Size


Knurl Type


Center Knurl



Great Whip

Bar Length

2300 mm / 90.5 inch / 7.6 feet

Sleeve Length


Shaft Coating

Black Phosphate

Sleeve Coating

Hard Chrome

Bearings & Bushings

Tensile Strength

Max Load Capacity


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