Vertical Bar Holder RW3

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Why This Vertical Bar Holder?

Compact, Safe & Convenient Barbell Storage for your Gym.

  • Organise up to 3 Barbells Vertically & Keep your floor space Clean

  • Easy & Quick Accessibility – Storing your bars vertically makes it easier to grab and use.

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Strong Construction: This Vertical Bar Holder is constructed with 5MM Thick Steel which is tough enough to endure for years.

Safe for Knurl & Finish: The Protective UHMW Plastic layer lining keeps your Barbell Knurl & Finish Safe from unwanted scratches.

Versatile: This Bar Holder is suited with any of your Olympic Barbells, Curl Bars or Tricep bars.

Dual Compatibility: This Vertical bar holder features dual compatibility, i.e., Wall + Power Rack Mounting.

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