Wooden Center Deck 3’x2′ – for Drop-Bang-Crash Pads

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No Surplus Deadlift anymore on your Drop Bang Crash Pads!

This Wooden deck is designed to make your drop pads more functional, i.e., now you can perform weightlifting as well as deadlifts on your same drop pads without compromising the range of motion.

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  • Material: This Wooden deck is made of the same Birch plywood used in our Pro & Basic Deadlift Platforms, which has water-resistant properties & is treated under the WBP test that assures to avoid delamination of the plywood. In addition to this, a PU coat is applied over the surface that increases the deck’s life.


  • Creates Levelled Surface for Deadlift: The height of the Bullock’s drop pad is 6″, but this Wooden deck’s height is made of 5.28″ so that the difference can be levelled when the loaded bar is kept on the drop pads, where the drop pad gets sink & makes levelled surface with Wooden Deck.


  • Gear Specifications:
    Material Waterproof Birchwood
    Dimensions Length – 36”, Width – 24”, Height – 5.28”
    Product Weight 18.5kg
    Warranty 1 year


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